What is Port State Control

Port State control (PSC) comes into the scene when shipowners, classification societies and flag State  administrations have failed to comply with the requirements of the international maritime conventions. Although it is well understood that the ultimate responsibility for implementing conventions is left to the  flag States, port States are entitled to control foreign ships visiting their own ports to ensure that any  deficiencies found are rectified before they are allowed to sail. Port State control is regarded as  measures complementary to the flag State control.

 In recent years, the importance of port State control has been widely recognized and there has been important movement in various regions toward establishing a harmonised approach to the effective implementation of the control provisions. The followings are the Memoranda of Understanding on port  State control concluded to this date.


 (North Atlantic Region)    http://www.parismou.org/ParisMOU/Inspection+Database/Basic+Search/xp/menu.3975/default.aspx 

 (Mediterranean region) - http://www.medmou.org/

(Black Sea region) - http://www.bsmou.org/

(Latin American region) -

( Asia Pacific Region) -  http://www.tokyo-mou.org/

 (USCG PSIX) - http://psix.uscg.mil/PSIX/VesselSearch.aspx