Have the USCG approving a foreign flagged Gas vessel.
USCG evaluation:
1. Foreign-flagged Bulk Gas Carriers must hold a valid IMO Certificate of Fitness and be examined for and receive an endorsed Certificate of Compliance (COC).
(COC - Certificate of Compliance) is the new wording for the old (LOC – Letter of Compliance)
Prior to scheduling a COC Exam, the vessel owners must apply for a Subchapter O Endorsement (SOE) from MSC (Marine Safety Center)
2. New vessel not registered in USA before:
The initial SOE (Subchapter O Endorsement) application must contain:
        – A valid copy of the vessel’s IMO Certificate of Fitness for Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk
        – A description of the vessel (vessel particulars)
        – A general arrangement plan of the vessel
        – Specifications for the cargo containment system
        – A mid-ship section plan of the vessel
        – Firefighting and Safety Plans
        – Schematic of the liquid and vapor cargo piping
        – Classification Society certification for ethylene oxide carriage
        – Classification Society certification for steel and cargo temperature control (per 154.170)
        – SOLAS Safety Construction and Safety Equipment Certificates
3. If the vessel has been issued a Certificate of Compliance within the previous 10 years, only the IMO Certificate of Fitness is required to update the SOE (Subchapter O Endorsement)
4. SOE (Subchapter O Endorsement) applications may be submitted via mail, courier, fax or email via the contact information below:
Commanding Officer (MSC-3)
USCG Marine Safety Center
Room JR 10-0525
2100 2nd Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20593
Phone: (202) 475 – 3403
Fax: (202) 475 – 3920
5. Based on the IMO certificate of Fitness submitted with reference (a), the subject vessel’s Subchapter O Endorsement (SOE) will be updated and loaded into the ‘Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement’ (MISLE) system where it is available to local Coast Guard Marine Safety Offices.
6. Then the vessel owner shall contact the Coast guard Marine Safety Office at the vessel’s next U.S. port of call (at least 7 days in advance) and schedule a Certificate of Compliance (COC) exam where the endorsement will then be issued.
To ensure that the vessel’s scheduling requirements are met, the (MSC) Washington recommend that they have at least 5 days to review the vessel’s Certificate of Fitness and to enter the Subchapter O Endorsement into the (MISLE) system.
If you wish to check a vessel’s record by the USCG you can access available information on the below link:
You can access the vessel’s documents and certification, and view data from previous calls in U.S.A.